About Appdro

Appdro is a third-party AppStore that hosts thousands of android apps in one place. All apps hosted on appdro are 100% malware-free and contains no malicious components. It is quite easy to download the Android APKs from the site because of its user-friendly interface. Users can easily search for their desired app through the search box provided on the top of the website.

Appdro categorizes android applications into various categories namely Entertainment, Music, Productivity, Social and many more to make it more convenient for the users to search for their desired applications. Appdro also provides an option for similar apps that serves as an extra benefit for the users to download their favorite android app. It is also compatible with almost every android device irrespective of screen sizes or price of the mobile. The UI is designed in such a way that even a user with zero knowledge of web browsing can download the application without a hassle. Appdro also serves 128-bit encryption and on the top of it an extra security layer of SSL so that the users data remains confidential in every possible scenario.

Workplace Address

At this moment Appdro runs from home having no office due to lack of funding but we intend to buy one soon. Appdro servers are currently located in Netherland and website is proudly operated from Gurgaon, Haryana, India.

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